Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 2, April 2020, Pages 102-190 

Original Research Paper

Modeling of adsorption isotherms and competitive adsorption breakthroughs of Nicotine/Pyridine removal from aqueous solution by activated Montmorillonite

Pages 114-128


Zeinab Ibrahim; Yehya Mohsen; Joumana Toufaily; Wassim Rammal; Tayssir Hamieh; T. Jean Daou; Maria-Laura Foddis; bachar Koubaissy

Areca catechu seed extract as improvised acid-base indicator in titrimetric Analysis: An environmental benign approach

Pages 129-138


Narasimha Raghavendra; Leena V Hublikar; Soumya R Chitnis; Rachel A Joseph; Deeksha S Sheelimath; Paravati S Pattan