+ How can I submit my article to JWENT?

Please submit your article online. Electronic submission substantially reduces the editorial processing and reviewing times and shortens overall publication times. Please click on "submit your paper" in JWENT web site http://www.jwent.net/

+ How much does it cost to publish in the JWENT?

Publishing an article is free of charge for a paper with less than 8 journal pages. However, there is page limitation for JWENT. The page charges exist for papers more than 8 journal pages. This means a lengthy paper there is no page charges for the first 8 pages.

+ What the usual steps for a paper required before its acceptance?

Once a paper is submitted online; Editor in the related field as an expert should check the paper; after primary screening the paper send to reviewers. The reviewer respond has to be presented to Editorial board for further evaluation. From the review process and editorial board evaluation we decide for revision or rejection. In the case of a paper Editorial board is unable to judge the given comments by the reviewer and the revised paper; as author is asked for revision, the whole folder send to final referee for the exact judgment. Author at revision stage must prepare rebuttal letter for respond to itemized comments given by reviewer. Editor based on completion of revision if the revision is satisfied may vote for acceptance.

+ How long the review process takes?

The review process may take 1-2 months. In some cases due to limitation and contradictions about reviewers the process may take longer.

+ What happens after my article has been accepted?

While the manuscript files are handed over to production for page making and typesetting, you (being the corresponding author) will stay in touch with us through email coordinated by Editor in Chief. For top quality production author should cooperate with our production team.

+ Do you check for plagiarisms?

Accepted articles must be checked before sending to production. If an author faced with plagiarisms, based JWENT’s rule we have to black list the author. This means we never review any paper from such authors for a defined period of time, even many years.

+ What are the penalties if an author had even self-plagiarisms?

Black listing authors are practiced for past few years; even authors with self -plagiarism are black listed.

+ Do you have grammatical English check points for an accepted paper?

Any accepted papers before sending production would be checked for English by our technical staff. The English should be improved to certain extend before publication.

+ What happen to a paper if English checking is failed?

We shall try to work out with author; if we face difficulties and Editor in Chief observe the low quality English paper would hurt the journal reputations; then that paper is rejected even the editorial board voted positive.

+ Can you give me more information about Copyright?

Authors are asked to transfer the copyright of their article to the publisher (or grant the publisher exclusive publication and dissemination rights). This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws. Open access articles (Open Choice articles or fully open access journals) do not require you to transfer the copyright; the copyright remains with the authors. By submission in Open Choice, you agree to publish your article under the Creative Commons Attribution License (as of January 16, 2012). Articles published before that date subjected to the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License.

+ How can I find out about the status of my journal manuscript?

The author can track the article online. Every stage of progress is shown in JWENT web.

+ Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been displayed on coming issue?

The online publication represents the official publication of research results. It is not simply a prepublication service on the part of the publisher. As soon as an article is published online, it is citable and quotable. If changes are then made, confusion can easily arise, with authors citing different versions of the same publication. After proof reading period is over, no changes are permissible. JWENT has therefore decided not to make systematic use of the technical possibilities that an online publication offers and not to simply replace a published document with an updated one. After online publication, further changes can only be made in the form of an Erratum, which will be hyper-linked to the article.

+ How can I order offprints?

JWENT office shall provide a single journal copy; due to technical problem sometime we may face difficulties to send parcel to overseas. JWENT shall try best to serve all authors in professional manor.

+ How can I request permission to re-use material?

Authors for reproduction have to request permission; Editor in chief will be informed to examine the query. Often we facilitate and permit most university libraries for utilizing JWENT’s published papers in past years; as published issues are our treasure.