Aims and Scope

1) Aims and Scope

This journal is devoted to the publication of peer reviewed original research articles and topical reviews on water and environmental nanotechnologies, nanosafety, monitoring studies and management as well.  However, the mutational basis of environmental effects involving with the nanotechnology are within the scope.

The journal might be intended to provide state-of-the-art expositions of latest advances by theoretical, numerical and experimental studies across the spectrum of the field, from scientific enquiries to practical applications. The journal can cover nanoscale science and technology relevant to water and environment, risk assessment activities and regulatory policies on issues of environmental and human health and nano-focused water and environmental research as well as environmental mutation area.

This journal intends to be interests of international scholars, researchers, practitioners and academic members, industrial and governmental sectors.

2) Target Audience

The level of this journal is aimed at postgraduates and researchers from universities and research centers as well as related industries throughout the world.

The academic discipline can be involved with the journal, have a good verity namely High-technology,  Nano science  & Nanotechnology, Nano-biotechnology, Nano-Safety, Environmental mutagens, Bioscience & Biotechnology, Environmental science and Technology, Wastewater treatment & management, Water purification and separation, desalination, Air and soil pollution and management etc.

3) On which conferences should the Journal be announced/promoted

The journal can be announced/promoted in all conference related to the subject of Nanotechnology, Nanobiotechology, Environmental Mutagen, Nano-Safety, advances in Air, Soil and wastewater Environmental issues, Water issues and Desalinations etc.

4) Professional Related Societies

Nanotechnology Society
Environmental Mutagen Society
Biotechnology Society
Desalination Society